.Z Available now on Android! Coming soon on iOS and Blackberry!

.Z Available Now

It has been a real long time since we’ve released a new mobile game. Like crazy long. Well I’m proud to announce to everyone today our first game since the release of MobiGames Episode 1, is available now on the Google Play Store, and coming soon to iOS and Blackberry!

.Z Days Since InfectionWhat is .Z?

.Z is a rogue-like, 2D zombie survival game. No violence, no crazy gore flying all over the place, just simple running and surviving as long as you possibly can.

.Z Gameplay

What’s the gameplay like?

.Z goes back to the super basic, fun to play style of gameplay. Simply swipe in the direction you want to move to avoid the zombies, and reach the end of the level. Each movement reduces your food count. As does touching a zombie, as well as destroying obstacles.

.Z Gameplay 2Collect the food within the level to increase your food count. Run out of food, or get cornered by zombies and you will succumb to the infection.

When and where can I get it?

Currently, .Z is available now on the Google Play Store for Android phones. .Z will be coming soon on iOS, and eventually for Blackberry as well.

How much does it cost?

We aren’t into the “freemium” model of play. We know corporations make millions off that pay model, but that’s not what we are about. On Android it’s $1.00, and the iOS version will cost $0.99. No price has been set for the Blackberry version, but expect it to be the same.

I have an idea for the game, want to hear it?

Absolutely! I love getting emails from people sending me great ideas for features they want to see in the game. Send it via our Facebook page, or the contact page on our site.


Welcome to our new site!

We have been spending some time transferring our site and rebuilding it, for a more attractive and easier to use experience.

We will be adding more content as the days go on, we will add a page for SpaceRoads, as well as any Xbox, PlayStation, Mac or PC projects we are working on.

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